Anyone have a autoloader copy of OS

Hi, Newbie Here. I am desperately searching for a copy of Playbook OS, as leaked with the autoloader, before it became available officially. The links on the "Crackberry Presents: Leaked Playbook OS…." thread are not working. The links carry me to the Mega website/Pirate torrent site, but no download available. If anyone has a saved copy of the leaked OS, will you please post it or a link to it for download. I am Stuck at with a 3G+ Playbook and I can’t Get App World(Blackberry World) Updated due to NO Playbook support with ATT….I want to try the leaked autoloader update(even at the expense of leaving the tablet a Wifi Only Version). I know somebody out there has a copy sitting on their desktop. Many Thanks in Advance!!!

Unless someone knows a work around for the stuck app world update on a cellular playbook. -please don’t say hold the buttons dow, security wipe, manually update, etc—-we are way beyond that now….just want this thing to work and don’t want to pay blackberry 50.00 to tell me i’m screwed.

Thank you so much

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