Lumia 1020 turning itself off

Hi. I have bought a white Lumia 1020 (Movistar, Madrid, Spain) two months ago. My Lumia 1020 turns itself off and remains disconnected of the network until I introduce the PIN code again. This makes the Lumia 1020 an untrustworthy tool for my business, since many calls from customers have remained unanswered, as I have not noticed the turn-off. This seems to be the same problem that I had earlier (spring 2012) with my Lumia 800 (Movistar, Madrid, Spain). The discussions on that theme are under the title “Lumia 800 turning itself off”. With the Lumia 800, the problem remained unsolved for several months, until one or two software updates fixed the fault. It’s strange that Nokia has not been able to solve the problem for their cutting edge new phone Lumia 1020 before launching it to the market. Could a representative of Nokia please tell us soonest, when will this problem be solved with software updates?!

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nokia lumia 1020 turns itself offnokia lumia 1020 turns itself off

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