Nokia Lumia 800, Depleted battery Won’t start up.

Hi,  After being away for home for 5 days with no charger for my Nokia lumia 800, I foolishly allowed it to run out of battery, Unaware of the problems this can cause due faulty hardware, thanks to Nokia I returned home and plugged the phone into charge. I have allowed my Phone to run out of battery many times before in the past as you wouldn’t expect any problem to come of it. After many hours of the phone being on charge I went to turn it on, it vibrated and came up with the phone providers image then no further, it stayed on this image for hours until I held down the power button and  it would turn itself off. Not being to worried at this point I went online to the many chatrooms, helpline, youtube videos you name it to source a solution. Having tried absolutely everything, about 10 times nothing has worked to multiple button combinations, heating the phone up, plugging into PC with zune – everything. Now slightly worried as I really do want this phone to work and not have to buy a new one at a great cost.  This is not a problem I have cause, it’s a problem with Nokia, and the manufacturing of the phone, So if no one on  here will be able to aid me in fixing the phone, once I return to the UK I shall take it into a Nokia store to get it looked at, which i won’t be happy to do as many of the Nokia outlets are in unconventional locations such as Glasgow. Thank in advance for any Help which is much appreciated, Lambtj

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