UFSx (HWK) Control Panel v…………….10000% tested

1. Uninstall ALL previous versions, you MUST uninstall HWK Suite BEFORE trying to uninstall HWK Support Suite Setup.
2. Install UFSx Support Suite Setup
3. Connect your UFSx+HWK before running the UFSx Control Panel
4. Run UFSx Control Panel
5. Select the "Hardware" Tab
6. If you only have one UFSx connected it will be selected, if more than one, select the check box next to the required UFSx. You can click "Scan Boxes" to refresh the list if you have connected further boxes since opening the Control Panel
7. Click "Check Box"
8. Click "Update Box"
9. Click "Check Box"
10. Select the "Software" Tab
11. Amend "Application Install Path" and/or Nokia Install Path, if required.
12. Click "Check Server"
13. Click "Install"
14. If you have more than 1 UFSx+HWK run steps 5-13 for each UFSx+HWK (NOTE: You must install something at step 13


Watch this Video for help
install ufs new Software with Old Box – YouTube&fs=1″ width=”644″ height=”390″>install ufs new Software with Old Box – YouTube&fs=1″ />install ufs new Software with Old Box – YouTube”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=install ufs new Software with Old Box – YouTube

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