is crashing

Hello, I’ve been having some issues with my phone over the past two weeks and it would appear to be coinciding with the update of v3.2.25 on my phone on Aug. 6th. It would appear to have been a self-update as I definitely do not remember doing it. The crash typically appears immediately on installing/updating an app, however it’s periodically happening throughout the day as well. Sometimes a reboot will resolve the issue- other times no. I’ve done some searching to see if there are reports of any similar issues but haven’t found anything yet. In fact, I’m not even able to confirm the existence of that version of

Since the update my Weatherbug app refuses to work at all, even after a clean install. Youtube is also having issues. I’ve been contemplating rooting the phone since I’m on StraightTalk/ATT with no contract, so I’m wondering if I should try that now.

I’ve got a Samsung SGH-T989 running Android v4.0.4, kernal version 3.0.8.

Can someone offer some assistance?


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