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I have a 0049 or 0000 IMEI. Why?

This means your phone cannot read your IMEI. There are 2 main reasons for this.

1) /efs is corrupt.

Whenever you flash a ROM, be that a custom ROM via a custom recovery or an official ROM via Odin, you risk corrupting your /efs partition and losing your IMEI.

There are 3 main steps to take to try to resolve this

1.Restore your EFS from a backup – A logical first step
2.No backup? Reflash the latest stock ROM using Odin*
3.Send the device for repair**

*Ultima rom users (prior to v15), first reflash the rom, choosing a non-stock kernel during the aroma install wizard first. Boefla is a good choice to test.

** a couple with "cannot mount /efs" errors have fixed their device by flashing ics. If you know you haven’t got a VTU00M eMMC firmware 0xf1 – go for it. However for those of you who don’t know, this would be extremely dangerous. You could get SDS so I do not recommend this action. If you are foolish enough to try it, flash 4.1.2 immediately afterwards.

2) /efs partition format changed

A quick note before going forward… when looking at a ROM build number, the last 3 characters mean Year, Month, Revision. Let’s take XXEMG4 for example. M = 2013, G = July, 4 = revision 4. See "Other" section at the end of this post for more info

From July 2013 (XXEMG4) onwards, official Samsung ROMs change the format of your EFS Directory/Partition. Let’s say these ROMs change from EFS v1 to EFS v2. Only basebands from July 2013 (MG2) onwards can read EFS v2.

Quick info rules:

•EFS v2 Basebands can read EFS v2 and EFS v1
•EFS v1 basebands CANNOT read EFS v2, ONLY EFS v1This means if you have flashed an official ROM (or custom ROM based on official) From July 2013 (MG* or newer), you are now in a situation whereby only an EFS v2 baseband (MG* or newer) can read the IMEI in /EFS.

If you have ever flashed XXEMG* (or newer) ROM, to keep your IMEI working, you must:

1.Stay with the EFS v2 basebands (MG* or newer). You may flash other ROMs but must return to the MG* (or newer) baseband

2.Restore your EFS backup (taken before XXEMG* or newer ROM install) to use older (EFS v1) basebands. EFS backup must be an EFSv1 backup to use an EFS v1 baseband

3.If the above don’t work, consider sending for repair…

*Ultima rom users (prior to v15), first reflash the rom, choosing a non-stock kernel during the aroma install wizard first. Boefla is a good choice to test.

Please note, it is flashing the ROM that alters EFS format, not the basebands themselves. You can flash the MG* or newer basebands safely on their own and return to an older baseband without issue.

You can download an EFS v2 baseband (CWM) flashable package HERE

•Aroma installer, choose between MG2 and MG4 basebands
•Basebands alone do not alter efs format
•Backs up EFS in an uncompressed format (Use Root Explorer to restore)
•Does NOT include RIL, works on AOSP and Sammy

For discussion of the efs format issue, see this thread.

How do I backup and restore /efs?

There are a few methods to backup /efs, but they all require customisation of your phone. Either root access, or a custom recovery. I appreciate that many of you do not wish to root your phones and just want to flash official ROMs via Odin… Well here are your choices:

1.Only use OTA or KIES to update (Official Method)
2.Root using CF auto root / Framaroot – backup efs and THEN flash via ODIN
3.Flash a custom recovery via Odin, backup efs and THEN flash a ROm via Odin
4.Risk it. Don’t backup efs. Simply flash via Odin and hope for the best

…and here are the options for backing up / restoring efs (this list is not exhaustive)

•EFS Pro – App needs root
•SGSIII EFS backup / Restore – app runs from Windows / Linux and needs root
•kTool – app needs root.
•Philz advanced CWM rewcovery – custom recovery can take efs backups using the "Custom Backup" feature.

It’s worth noting that some custom ROMs will give the option to backup efs, but you can never have too many backups!

.tar and .tar.gz backups can be extracted on /sdcard and then manually used to replace the files in /efs using a root explorer or adb as a last resort. Some people have reported more success deleting the /efs folder contents before hand. This is risky though, so only those of you who can backup the /efs with Philz recovery before trying this – should try it. Why Philz recovery backup the already broken EFS? well you can restore it if the phone doesn’t boot and at least you are no worse off than before attempting this method. Messing woith EFS can cause your phone to not boot up so be CAREFUL!!!

Please see below for step-by-step instructions to restore a folder dump* of EFS using adb. Do so at your own risk!!!

This is useful if you cannot boot.

*An example of a folder dump would be an efs backup created using my mg baseband pack linked earlier in this thread.

Pre requisite is having adb "installed" on yoru windows PC. Download THIS file and follow the instructions in the readme.

1) Boot into recovery, connect usb and go to "mounts and storage". Toggle the "mount efs" and "mount data" options to mount these partitions. Tip, when mounted, the option then becomes "unmount x"

2) Open "cmd" in Windows and type "adb shell" to get to your adb prompt.

3) If you don’t know where your efs folder dump is, you’ll need to look for it using the list command. I know mine is on internal SD but I forget the name of it… (if you already have this on a computer, skip to step 4…

Code:ls /data/media/0lists all directories on my internal sd card. I now see it’s called MG_EFS

adb pull /data/media/p/MG_EFS c:Sers\rootsu\desktop\MG_EFSNow your folder dump is on your windows desktop.

It should look like this:

Please note at this stage, my MG_EFS contained dated folders each with backups. I took the content of one of these dated folders and dropped them directly inMF_EFS

4) type "adb shell" again to get into adb and check your efs contents is visible

Code:ls -lh /efsThis will list your efs contents and permissisons:

Code:-rw-rw-r– 1 radio radio 152 Jan 1 2012 00000000.authtokcont
drwxr-xr-x 2 system system 4.0K Aug 10 17:37 FactoryApp
drwxrwxr-x 2 radio system 4.0K Aug 10 17:37 bluetooth
drwxrwxr-x 3 drm system 4.0K Aug 10 17:37 drm
-rw-rw-rw- 1 system system 6 Aug 13 2012 gyro_cal_data
-rw-r–r– 1 radio radio 1.1K Jan 1 2012 h2k.dat
drwxrwxr-x 2 radio system 4.0K Aug 10 17:37 imei
drwx—— 2 root root 4.0K Jan 1 1970 lost+found
-rw——- 1 radio radio 7.6K Sep 10 06:45 nv.log
-rwx—— 1 radio radio 2.0M Sep 10 12:59 nv_data.bin
-rwx—— 1 radio radio 32 Sep 10 12:59 nv_data.bin.md5
drwxrwxr-x 2 radio system 4.0K Aug 10 17:37 wifi
-rw-r–r– 1 radio radio 220 Jan 1 2012 wv.keys5) Once confirmed you get a list similar to above (as opposed to nothing) take a screenshot of the files and remove the efs contents…

Code:rm -Rf /efs/*and use the list command again to confirm nothing is returned when looking in the efs parrtition

Code:ls -lh /efs6) Push your folder dump back to place and ls to check it worked

adb push c:Sers\rootsu\desktop\MG_EFS /efs/
adb shell
ls -lh /efs7) You will probably notice that the permissions differ to those in your screenshot. If so, paste the below block command to grant the permissions back into the /efs

Code:chmod 664 /efs/00000000.authtokcont
chmod 755 /efs/FactoryApp
chmod 775 /efs/bluetooth
chmod 775 /efs/drm
chmod 666 /efs/gyro_cal_data
chmod 644 /efs/h2k.dat
chmod 775 /efs/imei
chmod 700 /efs/lost+found
chmod 600 /efs/nv.log
chmod 700 /efs/nv_data.bin
chmod 700 /efs/nv_data.bin.md5
chmod 775 /efs/wifi
chmod 644 /efs/wv.keys8) Exit and reboot

adb rebootThere you have it, folder dump restored. If you’re wondering if I did this myself before writing this guide, the answer is YES. I happily guinea pigged my device for you

Here is the full command list I used.

adb shell
ls /data/media/0
adb pull /data/media/0/MG_EFS c:Sers\rootsu\Desktop\MG_EFS
adb shell
ls -lh /efs
rm -Rf /efs/*
ls /efs
adb push c:Sers\rootsu\desktop\MG_EFS /efs/
adb shell
ls -lh /efs
chmod 664 /efs/00000000.authtokcont
chmod 755 /efs/FactoryApp
chmod 775 /efs/bluetooth
chmod 775 /efs/drm
chmod 666 /efs/gyro_cal_data
chmod 644 /efs/h2k.dat
chmod 775 /efs/imei
chmod 700 /efs/lost+found
chmod 600 /efs/nv.log
chmod 700 /efs/nv_data.bin
chmod 700 /efs/nv_data.bin.md5
chmod 775 /efs/wifi
chmod 644 /efs/wv.keys
ls -lh /efs
adb reboot

I heard I can manually modify my IMEI, transplanted from another device?

Modifying an IMEI is illegal in many countries. Even if this was possible, discussion here would be against the rules. Your IMEI must not be modified. Either restore a backup or send for repair.

I’m stuck in factorymode, is this related?

Yes, factorymode is caused by corrupt efs. It is possible to fix it with root and a terminal emulator.

Firstly try these commands (case sensitive)

echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/factorymodeIf they fail, use the more detailed commands:

rm /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
rm /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
rebootThis should hopefully return you to user mode. If not, the last thing you can try, which reportedly works is to delete /efs/FactoryApp/ folder, then factory reset from recovery. This *should* regenerate the folder. Your factory mode will still need "echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode" doing though, which can be done as described above or opening the file in a text editor and changing the content of the file to "ON"

Failing that, flash stock and send for repair.

See here for more info on factory mode

How does "Ariza patch" fit in to this?

Ariza patch does not fix IMEI issues. It fixes "00000" Serial number issues, which has similar symptoms. This patch does not work on EFS v2 ROMs. If you use it, you may irreparably break your phone.

Also it would seem, Phones that had this patch ON EFS v1 ROMS will break their IMEI if they upgrade to EFS v2 ROMS.

As yet, there is nothing proved to resolve this issue fully. Search the Ariza thread for posts by zuluman for potential fixes. This Page is hopefully the most useful or one of the patched modems posted

It would probably be best to get the serial number professionally restored either under warranty or by sla mobile repair shop. The Ariza patch was always only fixing something that should have been fixed under warranty anyway…. now we are seeing this issue – cut your losses

Send for repair

A couple of notes on this. Firstly, "Send for repair" does not necessarily mean you must return it to Samsung / Your carrier. It is simply a phrase. Many EFS issues can be resolved by taking it to a mobile repair shop.. In the UK, There’s one on almost every street in a town / city centre, and they will charge about £20 to get it repaired. Around $ 25 USD / EUR. If you are out of warranty or are in a rush for the repair, this is a good option and yes, people are known to have been successful with this…

Secondly, a more personal note. If I suggest "send for repair" as a solution for you, it is not because I am unwilling to get involved in troubleshooting or helping (although this is all already covered in this post) – It is because I truly believe this is the best or only option for you. Mostly I will only recommend it if it is the only option. Seeing me say this a lot in this thread is because we need people to accept that there can only be a finite amount of approaches to fixing the issue. In some cases, I will recommend it if it is the BEST option. An example of that would be the ariza patch situation. The Change in EFS format broke all those serial number 000000 phones that were fixed with the ariza patch. It was my opinion before MG4 that serial number 000000 should have been the resolution to this issue. It still is. At the moment, there are not many options for broken ariza patched phones. My opinion is this is the order of best solutions.

1) Repair
2) Wait for ariza update
3) Try Zuluman patch.

I have said this a lot but it needed to go here too..


How to work out when your baseband / ROM was released.

1) Take the last 3 characters from the name.
2) Compare the first of these characters against the below to get the year


3) Compare the second of these characters against the below to get the month

C= March

4) take the last of the 3 characters and compare against the below to get the revision number

1=Revision 1
2=Revision 2
3=Revision 3
4=Revision 4
5=Revision 5
6=Revision 6
7=Revision 7
8=Revision 8
9=Revision 9
A=Revision 10
B=Revision 11
C=Revision 12
D=Revision 13
E=Revision 14
F=Revision 15


MG4 = 2013 – July – Revision 4

This is a work in progress. None of this is my work, I am just compiling it into a single thread, so thanks to everyone answering questions in Q&A. If there is anything missing that you think should be added, please say so. Don’t beg for thanks. The "Thanks" feature exists so that important threads are not cluttered with pointless "thanks" posts. Receiving thanks is not an achievement, nor should it be your goal.

after upgrade mg or above firmware change efs2 and if u downgrade not show imei becouse not read efs2 so imei null
after downgrade write modem mg or above u can see imei and network
here is modem file link
Dev-Host – EFSv2_basebands.zip – The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service
insert zip file in sd card and update modem firmware all ok
credit go to xda-developers

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