N7100 emergency calls only after update 4.3 solution

This is a similar patch like that of ariza. Thanaks to zuluman for the patch.

I flashed my phone to 4.3 indian firmware and lost signal. the indian 4.3 locks the bootloader to knox making it impossible to downgrade for now but you can patch the modem to make it work.

what u need

download Philstouch recovery from this link and flash via odin in pda.

Dev-Host – philz_touch_5.15.0-n7100.zip – The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

Download the Patched_N7100_MK4_KERNEL from this link


also download the patched modem from this link


copy these two files to phone on sd card memory and boot into recovery (the phil’s touch recovery you flashed.)

select install zip from sdcard and choose the kernel first and flash

select again install from sdcard and flash the modem then reboot. you should have full network.

thanks to zuluman from xda.

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